Friday, July 16, 2010

CSI Mother Goose Land

Abigail spent the week at camp but not one with tents, fire pits and mosquitoes; she spent a week at Fantasy Playhouse being a counselor for CSI: Fantasy Kid Detectives’ Drama Camp. The children (aged 7-9) learned about fingerprinting, code breaking, handwriting and ink experiments taken from the crime scene. Students learned about disguises and participated in other crime scene activities to solve mysteries in class. They listened
to stories and learned about other super sleuths. If that was not enough to get students excited, campers also auditioned for parts, rehearsed, learned dialogue; and gathered props and costume pieces-- all in preparation for the camp’s production of CSI:Mother Goose Land.  Abigail had the role of Little Miss Muffet who is a CSI detective and therefore must dress the role.

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