Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sarah's Garden

Sarah's Garden is the first novel in the Patch of Heaven Amish fiction series.  Sarah King is of marrying age but has not yet found someone to love. She is content to spend time in prayer while gardening for her family. The needs of her family change so Sarah is now in charge of running the family produce and bakery stand where she must step outside the comfort zone of her faith community.

Grant is a young veterinarian who feels drawn to serving the Amish and buys a farm that borders their community. From the moment Grant and Sarah meet at the stand, they are both drawn to each other although Sarah fights against her feelings since dating and marrying an Englischer is heavily frowned upon. You'll have to read Sarah's Garden to see if love prevails.

Unlike some Amish fiction, the glossary of 'foreign' words is right up front instead of hidden at the end of the book. The author acknowledges that Amish communities are not all the same as we may think from our limited exposure. She makes note of differences in spelling as well as customs and habits.

I have read a fair amount of Amish fiction and usually love it but for some reason I only liked this particular book. I really can't put my finger on the reason so it may have just been I was distracted. If you enjoy Amish fiction, then I recommend you try Sarah's Garden since other authors have praised it.

I received a copy of Sarah's Garden from Katie Bond of Thomas Nelson in exchange for my honest review.

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