Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Saturday in Atlanta

We got up bright and early, had breakfast and headed downtown to be at the Georgia Aquarium before it opened. There was a line but it wasn't too crowded. I was expecting bigger but it didn't take us any more time to visit than Chattanooga. These were two of our favorites - the manta rays and whale sharks.

From the aquarium, we headed immediately over to the World of Coca-Cola. We had two free admissions - Scott because he was active duty military and me with my Coke Rewards certificate so it made it a more reasonable activity especially since it's one big commercial for Coke. We enjoyed the exhibits, the 3D movies and especially sampling Coke products. We knew from Disney to avoid the Beverly

Yes, we are missing children on this trip. Madeleine had work in addition to dog and house sitting while James was going into his final week of work at Boy Scout camp.

By now we were hungry (although not thirsty) so we headed to the Varsity for lunch. I enjoyed their chili dogs but I loved their onion rings and fried apple pie. Scott had the peach pie.

Theresa liked the hat.

We were now stuffed and tired so we headed back to our hotel for a rest and then went to 5:30pm Mass at St Jude's. We joked with Theresa that maybe Father Phil's long lost cousin would be the priest and give a long homily so it was so hard to not laugh when the priest was Father Fennessy complete with Irish accent but his homily was not long so Theresa was happy. We then headed to find dinner but being a Saturday night it was not easy as places had an hour long wait so we settled for Olive Garden and we were pleasantly surprised to find their menu has changed and the food is soooo much better.


RAnn said...

My sister lives in that area. St. Jude's is where we went when we evacuated for Katrina. It is also where I went when I went to school in Atalanta.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...


Looks like a great time.

7redz said...

yes we went back to Olive Garden not too long ago and were pleasantly surprised ourselves. Glad you enjoyed Atlanta... that's our stomping ground... sorta!!

Renee said...

What a small world Ruth...