Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big Colleges Take Your Money and Run.....

When Madeleine applied to schools two years ago, there were no deposits needed (prior to scholarship decisions) that were not refundable; such is not the case for James' schools.

University of Alabama has accepted James as a Political Science major. In order to apply for housing (which is in demand) we must pay a NONrefundable $200 tuition prepayment AND $250 NONrefundable housing application fee/prepayment.  He has to absolutely want to go to a college for us to drop $450.

Thankfully Mississippi State University is much more reasonable - $55 housing application fee; that I can justify spending especially since I think this is James' top choice college. Of course he's currently accepted as a Civil Engineering student and he's going to change to Political Science and/or History or Secondary Education Social Studies or Pre-Law. James and I will be spending the day at State on 25 October for Scholars Recognition Day.

And even better is the W - no advance deposits or housing application fees.

 We don't yet know what the deal is with Auburn (well I could check) since he's not yet gotten an acceptance letter from them. I imagine they will be similar to Alabama.

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