Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crazy Week

Monday - dreary day but get on treadmill anyway. Do schoolwork with kids. Work on menu and grocery list. Go to 1:30pm doc appt. Blood pressure good. Weight - well there's a reason I'm on the treadmill. Draw blood - 3 large vials. need tetanus shot (but my doc won't give it unlessI  pick up the med  from pharmacy) Go home,  call tricare - they cover tetanus. sit for 15 min and then go to AHG meeting where I work on registration paperwork, payments, etc. Leave there about 10 min early to take Theresa to Jr Players. Stick around through end of Players (8:30) reading, updating email roster, etc. Go home - finish menu and grocery list.

Tuesday - commissary shopping. Martha (elderly lady) hasn't been there in 2 wks. Another lady asked me I knew what was happening,. I called chapel but they don't know who she is. Sure hoping she's okay. Got call from doc's office - low on potassium - need to go pick up Rx. Low on iron (still) - will get referral to hematologist. .....Ask again about tetanus. they will not do it because of low reimbursement.. call Fox clinic on post. they will give me the shot IF i bring a Rx script from my doc.  go to pharmacy pick up potassium. go to doc to pick up Tdap Rx script. Run by library. At home try to swallow potassium - can't...... .. dance class at 5:30.. stay then for rehearsal .and help Enitza with seating charts.

today try to swallow pill again. no luck. call doc. will check about another format (well duh why not do that in the first place when I told you there was a problem). call for tickets for A Few Good Men. go to Staples to get ink (can't do school without printer) and make copies of AHG reg (copier there didnt' like me)....came home had lunch... corrected high school work.... tired and it's only 1:15pm..... taking John to  gymnastics at 4 and abigail to direcotors meeting at 5pm.... need to call Scott to pick up John  on his way home.

Yep, it's been a crazy week.... but what got me frustrated was the medical. I am a lousy patient. I DESPISE extra appts. I go yearly for my womanly things but I don't like extras.... so last year I was low on Vit D and Iron (anemic)... this year I'm low on Iron (but not anemic) and Potassium... sheesh. Is this what happens when one is middle aged???... Last year I had a trip to the gyn for issues and this year I get to go to a hematologist. never mind having to make a special trip to the immunization clinic on post thanks to my doc's stupid policies (think I may be looking again for a new one)... and now two trips to the pharmacy for potassium... can't I just eat a  banana every day????

Okay I'm done ranting for now


Cindy said...

{{{{{Renee}}}}} I hope the coming week is less hectic for you. Your schedule reminds me of mine when I had kids at home.

Just try to enjoy those days with the kids' activities and busy schedules because kids grow up so fast.

Renee said...

It's not the kids' activities that drive me crazy but the back and forth for stupid middle aged medical stuff