Thursday, October 14, 2010


.....I have normal test results. My A1C is 5.2 which is well within normal limits, my potassium is 3.8 (also within normal limits).... once again they started to freak a bit about my blood sugar being 100. I reminded her that I was told NOT to fast especially since this was a 1pm appt so I plan to ignore their 'low sugar' diet and go on with life as normal... and continue to try to exercise more regularly.

On waking up (before breakfast) 80 to 120
Before meals 80 to 120
2 hours after meals 160 or less
At bedtime 100 to 140
So no  matter what time of day it is and no matter when I've eaten 100 is well within normal. I think I need a new doctor.

Now to get the iron levels up to normal but that is being dealt with by the specialist; I see him again in twelve days after taking double doses of iron daily.

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