Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Last night Abigail and I headed to the VBC North Hall for dinner, entertainment and Huntsville's answer to the Tony awards - our very own Wings awards. I am excited to announce that the Nuns Chorus in Sound of Music won for Judge's Choice Best Ensemble. Unfortunately Ensembles don't each get their own shiny award but she did get to hold it for a moment. Next time we are at Theatre Huntsville, we'll try to remember to get a pic of the award with  Abigail.
A big thank you to Ron Simmons (music director) and Mike Chappell (director) for casting Abigail in the Nuns Chorus.

Abigail is the nun to the far left in the front row.


Joann said...

How lovely! Your very own nunnery. Congratulations all and blessings on your heads.

7redz said...

congrats to Abigail. She makes a very good nun!