Monday, November 1, 2010

Laura's Children: The Hidden Story of a Chinese Orphanage

Laura's Children: The Hidden Story of a Chinese Orphanage is the true story of Laura Richard. Laura was an an American farm girl who became a registered nurse, served in World War I and then joined a missionary team in China in 1921. She task was to run a school for nurses at a hospital for women for nearly five years. She then took a furlough to study Bible in New York and was away from China for 2 years due to unrest. It was during this time that she felt called by God to depend solely on Him for financial support but didn't yet know how to accomplish this task.

Unsure of what to do next, Laura returned to China with the Presbyterian Mission and discovered that the hospital was able to be self-sufficient during her absence. She then went on a medical mission into the countryside with a Chinese female doctor. It was during this time, that she discovered so many orphans and felt called by God to care for them - it was her own childhood that drew her to these children; Laura's mother had died when she was 9 year old.

In 1929 Laura  decided to go by faith alone. She decided to leave the Presbyterian Mission, stop drawing a salary and start an orphanage in a remote village in north China. In addition, she would never ask for anything for her mission. She relied solely on prayer. When something was needed, she turned to God in prayer and through others He provided for her needs as well as those of the hundreds of orphans in her care.

Laura's story is one of faith and trust in God as well as giving insight into Chinese history during a time of turmoil and unrest. It's a story of miracles and answered prayers. It's a story to be read by Christians to understand how one women relied on God and saved many lives in doing so.

Thank you to Roseanna White of Christian Review of Books for providing me with a complimentary review copy of Laura's Children: the Hidden Story of a Chinese Orphanage

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