Monday, November 8, 2010

Thanksgiving is planned

     The meal for Thanksgiving is planned; now to do all the shopping and cooking. I'm going to buy many of the items in tomorrow's grocery run and the remainder next week.
     Turkey with stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes will all be prepared the day of by Scott. Bread can be made in the bread machine that day or the day before.  Green bean casserole and mac-n-cheese will go in the oven; I checked to make sure both pans will fit. Sweet potato casserole goes in the crockpot.
    I need to prepare the mac-n-cheese the day before because the pot to cook the macaroni is also the one to cook the potatoes. The pies need to be prepared on Wednesday as well. I think Todd and family may be sent off on an adventure on Wednesday while I stay home to cook - not sure how else to do this. I am not the type to stay up late cooking - that just creates stress and crankiness.


Paula said...

Sounds delicious! I hope you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving day.

whatexackley said...

Amen. We have started gathering all of the supplies. I've even sauteed and frozen the onions and celery for the dressing! I feel almost like I have OCD - glad to see there is another very organized woman out there!! LOL!! No wonder we worked well together on the prayer list on SHS.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving.