Sunday, December 26, 2010

a white Christmas for Alabama

Abigail was drafted to sing for the 4pm Mass on Christmas Eve so we changed tradition and went to Mass on Friday. It was crowded but not SRO but then there was another Mass in the gym and two others later that night. We came home to lasagna ready and waiting for us in the crockpot; just had to heat up the garlic bread in the oven. We watched a musical version of Scrooge and hit the hay at a decent hour. There was a forecast of snow but most times it means we get a light dusting at best.

Woke up on Christmas morning (6:15am - I thought I would get to sleep in since we had gone to church the night before) to a winter wonderland - boy was I glad we'd already been to Christmas Mass. Kids opened their stockings and Scott made breakfast (eggs to order, scrapple and sausage). It was funny because the kids went out to play in the snow before opening gifts (now granted they did have to wait for Scott to get the ham in the oven). I think everyone got what they wanted and even a surprise here and there.

We munched on cheese and crackers, nuts and chocolate chip cookies during the afternoon. We also watched Toy Story 3 (thanks Uncle Todd and Aunt Michele) - I ended up not crying because I was busy prepping side dishes during the sad parts.
We had a tasty dinner of ham, fresh baked bread, baked pineapple dressing and "Mary's Potatoes" (recipe I got years ago from James' godmother. After cleaning up we played a game of Apples to Apples - Theresa was the winner this year! And then it was dessert time - apple pie a la mode and/or Bits of Brickle pie.
It was a very merry Christmas.... and we enjoyed it being a white Christmas - but only because we had nowhere to go.

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