Monday, March 21, 2011

My "Little Woman" Abigail

Here is a video made during rehearsals. Abigail is in the purple shirt with the long hair - she's right there in the opening scene. You can then hear her sing starting at 1:03.

I am so proud of how hard she worked to get this role. She didn't just show up and audition. She read Little Women, she listened to Beth's scenes on audiobook, she listened to the music on the show's website, she had a notebook of character traits, she practiced at voice lessons and at home....All that hard work paid off, during auditions she had the music director/accompanist in tears. (makes it hard to play).

If you are local, of all Abigail's shows this is the one NOT to miss. Go to Theatre Huntsville for information to buy tickets for this weekend's performances.


7redz said...

Loved, loved watching this. Abigail is so gifted. And she has grown so much! I hate that I cannot come see it. I can just imagine how much I would enjoy the show. And bravo to all her prep work! She's got what it takes and deserves the roll and more! Break a leg Abigail! And you go proud mom! Enjoy watching your star shine!

Renee said...

Thanks N.