Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Days After

Woke up Thursday morning thankful to have a home but stressing from having no communication with the rest of the world (worse than the no electricity). After a few hours of feeling lost, we decided the kids and I would head to a hotel. We found a reasonably priced one in Florence, AL. We packed our bags and headed out. We had no trouble getting to 72 but once we crossed west into Limestone county the traffic began. It took us 2 hrs to travel what is not much more than an hour. We saw a few homes/businesses destroyed along the route. I didn't even think to take pics because I was already driving in traffic with tears in my eyes. When we stopped for lunch and actually saw news, I was in tears again esp when I saw the cloud over Tuscaloosa - it looked like something from a disaster movie from the 70s.

Friday we had a hot breakfast (comes with our hotel room) and then Scott showed up unexpectedly. We went to Walmart to buy some stuff for him and while we were out bought the girls new swimsuits and James new jeans. We went out to lunch; Scott recharged his computer and flashlight batteries. He bought a universal charger so he can use the car from here on out. Scott headed home early since there is a dusk-to-dawn curfew at home. Kids and I wandered through Books-a-Million and had ice cream for dinner.
It's now Saturday and I called Scott to let him know the company was coming to tarp the roof hopefully no later than 12 noon. He then reminded me why our insurance should cover the cost of the hotel. Our home doesn't have sewer or even a septic tank.... it has some system that runs on electric. So with 6 of us the system would likely back up sewage into the house..... well the kids and I are off to find something to do other than sitting in the hotel room. There are lots of families here from Madison/Huntsville as well as Moulton - all wanting hot water and communication with the rest of the world.


Conny said...

just so glad you all are ok ... praying for all those affected by the storms.

Joann said...

God bless you and keep you. I say that so often these days because I know He hears and answers every prayer, even those by passing strangers. I've taken to giving Our Lady's "special blessing" to those I pass in the mall. In heaven I'll get to learn what was accomplished in that prayerful gesture. Peace.