Monday, May 2, 2011

evacuation continues

So what did we do on Saturday? We found a playground near the river, walked to the top of an ancient Indian ceremonial mound, wandered through Best Buy and a Christian bookstore, stopped by the public library, and talked to one of the "keepers' of the lions at UNA. We learned lots about Una and Leo - the keepers are all volunteers and the one we were talking to is a Presbyterian minister. We also went to Mass that evening.
We slept in on Sunday, Scott came out for a hot shower and we had Mexican for lunch. We are excited to see pockets of powers popping on around the county but anxious that it's not ours.... sigh.
HMWA came by yesterday and were pumping individual homes.. ... because only Scott has been there, ours was still okay. Abigail also went home with Scott so she can get her room ready for Madeleine to move home on Friday.
Right now we are waiting to head to the library with our school books.

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