Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Senior Moment

This morning was the baccalaureate Mass for high school graduating seniors in our parish.

Mass was followed by a breakfast sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and hosted by teens in the high school youth group. We had hot pancakes, sausages, OJ, and coffee. Each graduating senior was called forward; an announcement was made of where they were going to college, what they were majoring in, and any scholarships they'd been awarded. Earlier the seniors had signed the 2011 ceiling tile that will forever live in the youth room.

The highlight of the event was when the Grand Knight announced the scholarship winners. Each applicant was scored on their academics, community/school/church involvement and their essay. My understanding is that the competition was 'blind' (applicants' names were removed prior to the committee scoring/judging). We were very excited that when the first name announced was James Gardiner. This year I had my camera with me but I didn't have it out in time to take a pic of the actual presentation.

But here is a pic taken at the end of breakfast.


RAnn said...

It is nice that your parish does that for the kids. My parent's parish does the same type of thing; ours doesn't (and considering how few kids come to Lifeteen who aren't preparing for confirmation, I'm not going to try to start it)

Renee said...

I think James was the only one of the few dozen at the Mass (and more at the breakfast) that regularly attended Youth Group this year...for some reason seniors didn't come this year like they had when MJ was a senior

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Congrats to James.