Monday, May 9, 2011

unPlanned (dvd) - Review and WINNER!

and the winner is #3 - Carrie.

I'll be contacting you for mailing information.

A few months ago I read and reviewed unPlanned and recently I was also given the opportunity to view and review the documentary dvd of unPlanned. I was not disappointed by this recording - it combines high quality video and audio with a compelling story of how Abby Johnson went from being a director of a Planned Parenthood clinic to an advocate for the pro-life movement.

My initial concern was that the documentary would just be a duplicate of the book but it was not. The writers did a very good job of telling the same story in a different format. unPlanned utilized short personal interviews with both Abby and important people in her life in addition to narration. The photos and videos used complimented the story well.

One thing that really stood out for me was the fact that Abby was so touched by the quiet prayerful protestors outside her clinic. This confirmed for me that there is not a need for explicit pictures of dismembered babies to get the point across to women in crisis; they need to know they are loved by God and those in their community.

This dvd would be great for anyone that wants to learn Abby's story especially college ministries, high school youth groups, high school religious education classes and any other group setting. I would say this is a must buy item for every church and Christian school library.

To decide for yourself, you can watch a trailer of the documentary here. In addition you can participate in the live UNITEforLIFE webcast with Abby Johnson on May 17th at 8pm local time. Be sure to register in advance to participate - this webcast is FREE of charge.

Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of  unPlanned.


Wiese Windmill said...

Renee, I always enjoy visiting your blog site. you are so talented. I have always wanted to write especially poems and I have tried. You are such a good friend and faithful follower of 7redz. thank you and I invite you visit my blog if you have the time. Blessings
JoAnn, Nicki's Mom, Granny Jo

noreen said...

Hi Renee, I found your blog link up from RAnn's Sunday Snippets and came over to say hello. I've heard great reviews of the Unplanned DVD and I've read the book. Abby Johnson is the person who has inspired me to pray at a local abortion clinic. It opened my eyes to what's really going on and it's a travesty.

I noticed you're a Catholic Company Official Product Reviewer and I would love to do something like that. How would I look into this?

Renee said...

Noreen, I sent you an email with the information