Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weekend in Louisville

Friday's event of the day was Churchill Downs; Scott wanted to watch a few races and sip a mint julep. While I enjoyed the races, I'm glad I didn't get my own drink - I definitely did not like the sips I had. To make it even better, we got in FREE - always helps to ask about a military discount.

That evening we went to a park along the river and the kids burned off energy. Even big kids have fun at a playground although James managed to avoid the camera.

Saturday morning we went to the Louisville Slugger Museum - I think all had a nice time there. This time the military discount got Scott in for free.

 Scott was THRILLED to be able to hold a bat once used by Mickey Mantle.

Even Theresa decided it would be fun.

And once again James avoids the camera.

That afternoon we went to the Beatles music fest - Abbey Road on the River. Some of the bands were good, the weather was prettier than expected (nice breeze off the river) and we enjoyed 'carnival' food. We went to Mass, had dinner and then crashed at the hotel to prepare for a busy day on Sunday.

We went to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana (I kid you not) - military discount got us good prices for an amusement park with a water park included. We stayed there for 8.5 hrs and it was HOT but admission includes UNLIMITED soda - a definite nice perk.

Scott had planned to stop at the Makers Mark distillery on the way home on Monday but unfortunately it was closed.


7redz said...

Yes Louisville is good at military discounts! Glad you thought to ask! Your pictures make me a bit homesick, although I was just there. So glad you enjoyed my hometown!! Mint juleps are unique! BTW, we took the kids to Holiday World when Reuben was 4 and he wandered off and got lost! It was scary...but obviously we fun him!! Enjoyed your post!

Renee said...

Y'all have been out of the country a long time - understandable to be homesick even if you were back recently.
Not sure how it was then but now they have bracelets at guest services that you can write your celphone on and place on your if they're lost an employee can just call you.
Thankfully ours are big enough we didn't have to do that. Heck we even left them at the water park for a few hours while Scott and I watched shows and rode a few rides

Wiese Windmill said...

Wish I had known you were so close. We are just across the River. Would have loved to have met you in person. I understand family time is precious! Glad you enjoyed yourself.

We are homesick for the entire Hickox family. Hope it wont be too much longer before they are back in the states.

Renee said...

Thanks - it was a wonderful family time.
We lived overseas for 6 yrs so I understand the difficulty in being far from family. But our husbands do what they must do in order to enable us to be home with the children and because of a great sense of patriotism. I'm grateful I've never had to leave my children to work outside the home.