Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scabs n Guts

This game is FUN! The box says for ages 6+ so I was concerned it might be too juvenile since I was playing with my 13yr old daughter and nearly 12yr old son but it was not. We laughed, we learned and Theresa got to use her acting skills. We also discovered that John can't cross his eyes.

The board is made of durable cardboard, the cards are sturdy and the playing pieces are cardboard cut-outs inserted into plastic stands. Players get to choose from pieces such as the brain, the liver, etc. Despite being the brain, I didn't win.

Each turn the player answers a question in one of three categories (Blubber or Buff, Scrapes and Scabs, or Blood and Guts) which if answered correctly moves the player forward. But beware, there are also cards that give goofy scenarios that send a player back or if you're lucky you'll get to move ahead. The answers are as much fun as the questions. Sometimes in order to move forward a player must act out a scenario such as how one would act if food poisoned.

This game is not for the weak stomached. It is disgusting (talk about puke, boogers and other not so pretty things) yet educational as players learn about body functions, nutrition and more. We will be playing this more especially since we are studying human anatomy for Science this year.

I received this game from the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my honest opinion.

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