Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sweet Sanctuary

"Without the storm, how would we know the sweetness of shelter?" –Ruth

Out of the clear blue, Wren’s Grandma Ruth arrives on her doorstep, dreaming of a grand party to celebrate her 90th birthday. Wren and her young son Charlie love the idea, but it quickly gets complicated: Ruth wants Wren’s estranged siblings to attend and she wants Wren to sing her all-time favorite song: “His Eye Is On The Sparrow.” It’s the very song Wren sang one fateful day during her childhood . . . and Wren hasn’t sung a note since. With family arriving and old wounds resurfacing, Wren’s about to fly when she discovers something special—a gift of grace beyond her wildest dreams.

My Thoughts:  I loved Wren as a mom and friend. She's devoted to her son without being an overbearing or spoiling mom. She's a true friend even when things become difficult. I also loved how real she was in not knowing how to go about dating or for that matter if she should date someone. Wren was basically a well developed character that was true to life.
Although Grandma Ruth just shows up and pretty much demands a party, Wren agrees out of love for her grandmother. She has no real desire to spend time with her siblings but she is willing to do so for her grandmother. Wren's a woman that I can respect for making the right decisions even though they are not easy ones.
This was one of those books that once I got started I had to finish it today. There was no waiting until tomorrow to see what would happen. I will be looking for more works by Sheila Walsh & Cindy Martinusen-Coloma.

I'd like to thank the publisher for making a review copy of Sweet Sanctuary available via NetGalley.

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