Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am in love with this baking cookbook. It is a hardcover 5 ring binder that lays nearly flat when opened. The inside covers have wonderful helpful info - food equivalents and ingredient substitutions.

Chapters include the expected items (cookies, cakes, brownies) as well as cheesecakes, holiday classics (not limited to Christmas) and pies and tarts. It's not all sweets as there are also chapters on quick breads, muffins, yeast breads and rolls. And for good measure there is a chapter on lighter baking as well as 'almost homemade' treats.

The chapters are replete with photographs, helpful hints and problem-solving pointers. And one final bonus is there was a coupon inside for a year's free subscription to Taste of Home magazine


RAnn said...

I've got a stack of TOH mags around here somewhere,and a couple of their bookbooks

Renee said...

I have some as well.... don't really need anymore just love this one since it's all about baking