Monday, September 19, 2011

since mid-August

I realized my last regular blog post was in mid-August so I am way overdue to write another. The kids came home over the Labor Day weekend and we had a family fun day. We headed to Nashville to the Hermitage - home of Andrew Jackson.  Back in town for dinner, we planned to eat at Po Boy Factory but found it closed for the weekend. Since we were celebrating Madeleine's birthday we let her pick the alternate restaurant and ended up at Schnitzel Ranch which was very very good; they have had apfel schorle. We had ice cream cake for the celebration instead of dessert out.

Theresa played the role of Dixie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof which kept me busy from Sept 4th-17th.

And over the weekend of 10 September I was busy with 2 days of auditions followed by callbacks for A Christmas Carol.  Then on Monday 12 September, Scott went to work for the first time in 20 years not in a uniform.


Jay said...

Does he dress like that every day now?

Renee said...

Turns out his agency doesn't require jacket and tie... so not every day

Kimberly said...

Yeah, my girls would have chosen the Schnitzel Factory too! It never occurred to me that Schorle might be available in the States. My girls love it.

Renee said...

Kimberly, I got excited because when we first moved here I went to lunch at another German restaurant and not only did they not have apfelschorle but the waitress had no clue what I was talking about.