Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fact or Crap

Today was a cold dark damp day and my 11 year old son came looking for me to play a game; I suggested Fact or Crap. We rounded up 13 yr old sister and broke open the box. The directions are written on the inserts - very easy to understand. Materials include - Fact cards, Crap cards, two types of question cards, a sand timer and tokens. The only prep was popping out the cardboard tokens - only a few ripped slightly.
Directions were read, we did one practice card and then were off and running. This is a trivia game but the fun is you don't need to really know much as it's truly a true/false or fact/fiction game. Each player is given two large playing cards - one says Fact and the other Crap. Each player also has 8 tokens with the remaining put in the center of the table.
The youngest player reads the 3 questions on the first card picked from the deck. The other players race to choose their answer. The first to answer either earns 2 tokens for the correct answer or loses two for the wrong answer. All other players earn 1 or lose 1 depending on their right or wrong answer. Turn then passes to the next player.
There are some bonus cards called Rush Hour where the reader chooses one player to answer five questions in 30 seconds (hence the sand timer). If the player is right, he gets a token; if not the reader earns the token. This is a great way to try to get ahead of another player.
This game can be played with as few as 3 or a large group. We learned that when playing with only 3, we should not put all the leftover tokens in the center or the game goes on too long. The only negative to this game is the name; I would have preferred it be called Fact or Fiction

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I'd prefer that too--my eyebrows went up when I saw your post title.