Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wings Awards 25 October

Here is Abigail accepting her Wings Award for Female Youth in a Major Performance for her role as Beth in Little Women. I was shaking so I was unable to take a good pic; thankfully we have Jeff White who takes phenomenal photos. Silly girl forgot to thank her family but I guess she's okay since she didn't plan an acceptance speech in advance.
The role of Beth is one for which Abigail really prepared. For months prior to auditions, she read Little Women, she listened to the audiobook, she took notes on Beth's character in addition to studying the audition song so all that hard work not only paid of in her getting the role but also this wonderful award.

A few more awards and one performance later, her and Chelsea sang numbers from Little Women. They brought a large number of the audience to their feet. Once again I was in tears; I'm so proud of what Abigail has accomplished in our few years in Huntsville.

This is Ron (her music director) and Sherri (the director) both from Little Women. We thank them both for entrusting the role of Beth to Abigail.

This is Abigail with Luz - her voice instructor. We thank her for her wonderful instruction.

Here is Abigail with a good friend Eric who won Male Youth in a Major Performance.

 And a picture of Theresa looking way too grown up at 13 yrs old.

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