Saturday, February 11, 2012

Journeys of Faith


Research indicates that on average, Americans change their religious affiliation at least once during their lives. Today, a number of evangelical Christians are converting to Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy and Anglicanism. Longtime Evangelicals often fail to understand the attraction of these non-Evangelical Christian traditions. Journeys of Faith examines the movement between these traditions from various angles. Four prominent converts to Eastern Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Evangelicalism and Anglicanism describe their new faith traditions and their spiritual journeys into them. Response chapters offer respectful critiques. Contributors include Wilbur Ellsworth (Eastern Orthodoxy), with a response by Craig Blaising; Francis J. Beckwith (Roman Catholicism), with Gregg Allison responding; Chris Castaldo (Evangelicalism) and Brad Gregory's Catholic response; and Lyle Dorsett (Anglicanism), with a response by Greg Thorbury. This book will provide readers with first-hand accounts of thoughtful Christians changing religious affiliation or remaining true to the traditions they have always known. Pastors, counselors and students of theology will gain a wealth of insight into current faith migration within the church today.

My Thoughts: I read this book primarily for the chapter on Catholicism but was a little disappointed since it was written someone by who was baptized Catholic as an infant, left as a young teen and then returned in his 40s. I was really looking to read a great conversion story by someone raised Evangelical. The book was not a difficult read, I learned new things about the Orthodox faith and enjoyed seeing the perspectives from both sides of the conversion stories.
You can read an excerpt here

I'd like to thank the publisher for making a review copy of Journeys of Faith available via NetGalley.

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