Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lonestar Angel

Eden's hope is rekindled when Clay delivers astounding news: their daughter has been found.
Five years ago Eden and Clay Larson's baby was stolen and never found. Eden blamed herself, Clay lost himself in work. Their young and rocky marriage ended. Or so Eden thought.
Now  Eden's moved to a new town. She's found faith and is trying to rebuild her life. She's even dating again-a sweet guy who plans to marry her someday. But then Clay arrives out of the blue and delivers shocking news: they're still married. What's more, Clay has been searching for Brianna all this time. And he believes he's found her: their daughter is in Bluebird, Texas, at a youth ranch.
To uncover the truth, Eden and Clay sign on as counselors at Bluebird Ranch. Working together, they rediscover their love for each other. But danger is closing in-Eden, Clay, and their young charges are in jeopardy. As they fight to save their family, Eden realizes that God has been fighting for them all along. And His plans are for a more abundant life than they've dared to hope.

My Thoughts: Nearly 2.5 yrs ago I read Lonestar Secrets by the same author; I was thrilled to be able to read another book by Coble. I loved the combination of love story, crime drama and Christian fiction combined - plenty of authors would have difficulty finding the right blend. The love story was sweet, the crime was heart wrenching and the Christianity was there but not in your face pushy.

I received this book from the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my honest opinion.

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