Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Smile as Big as the Moon Encore


Mark your calendars for A SMILE AS BIG AS THE MOON four encore presentations on Hallmark Channel; February 4th 8|7c & 10|9c, February 5th 2|1c and February 12th 4|3c
Did you miss A Smile as Big as the Moon last Friday? Well you have four more chances to set your VCR, DVR, TIVO or set you butt on the couch.
Watched Smile as Big as the Moon last night with the remote in hand (and Abigail). There are two places we can see Abigail (ended up on the cutting room floor for the 2-3 other scenes she was in). Near the beginning, the teachers go to meet with the folks at Space Camp to see if their kids may attend... they have gone outside and are in a golf cart.... a group of kids in light blue tshirts run by under the big rocket. Abigail is the one near the back with the long thin ponytail - this is also part that was in the commercial.
The other is when the students first arrive at space camp. They are getting out of the buses and looking up and around at all the rockets. There is a point where the camera shoots toward the bldg. There is a small group of students with a counselor on the grass... Abigail is the one to the far right.

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