Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Simon and the Easter Miracle

The gospels tell of Simon of Cyrene--"a man coming in from the country"--who was ordered to carry Jesus' cross. Over the centuries, his story has been woven into a Polish folktale. In the tradition of The Three Trees this folk tale gives a fresh perspective on the Easter story.

When Simon the farmer brings his wares to market, little does he expect how he will be involved in the events of that very special day, nor how his items--bread, eggs, and wine--will become important symbols of Jesus' passion and resurrection, remembered throughout the ages.

This picture book retelling of a traditional tale is both thought-provoking and engaging.

My Thoughts: The illustrations are what stood out to me in this children's book. Each and every page is filled with color from top to bottom and side to side. It's a book that will delight a child's eyes. The story though left me unsatisfied as things were left unexplained. Jesus was never mentioned by name and there was no mention of His Resurrection. It was bland and uninspiring.

This book was provided to me by Kregel Publications; I received no monetary compensation for my honest review.

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