Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Day I Died


The Day I Died is more than the story of the day that Melanie Pritchard died; it is the story of how one woman survived an amniotic fluid embolism, heart failure and other health issues through the power of prayer and miracles. By all accounts, Melanie should not have survived but she did and she now continues to use her life to work for the Lord speaking on matters of modesty, chastity and pro-life issues.

I thought this book would be depressing but I was very wrong; the subtitle is so true - finding hope in suffering. Melanie tells her story through those that surrounded her during her death and recovery since she has a limited memory of the events. Each person had a different perspective to contribute to the story from her husband to extended family and her friends. Each was there for her in some way during her trials - whether it be caring for her newborn, her toddler or praying for her.

The Day I Died is a small book with a powerful message - God has a plan for each of us and miracles do happen in the 21st century. I was also inspired by the love of her family - her husband, parents and siblings were there for her every step of the way from her death to her recovery; they are a shining example of true love.

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