Tuesday, May 29, 2012

College Visit Plans Changed

Abigail and I had planned to visit Ole Miss next month but we are changing our plans. I had made the appointment to meet with admissions and tour the Oxford campus. Then I called down to the School of Nursing in Jackson and they don't do tours. Well how can one decide if they want to willingly (this is not the Army) spend two years without any advance viewing?

Then after more digging on their website I discovered that the Freshman Early Entry (FEE) program is not offered at the same time as admission to the University but rather one must apply during their first semester. As an out-of-state resident, this is the ONLY opportunity for Abigail to get into their Nursing program. If she didn't get in early entry, she doesn't get in (I talked to the nursing adviser to verify this).... and from previous conversations, no one (at either Oxford or Jackson) could tell me if scholarships earned for Ole Miss transfer to the Medical Campus for Nursing.

I continued to search for other options (so far we've visited Steubenville, Auburn and UNA) and I believe I have found one. Stay tuned for our new plan


Jay said...

if you are looking in MS, Southern Miss in Hattiesburg has a four year program

Renee said...

The reason we were even looking at Ole Miss was because a)big hospitals without a commute from school and b)early admission to Nursing program.
But now that it's not the timing we thought, it's not as intriguing.

Renee said...

and looking at NCLEX pass rates of 90% or better