Monday, June 4, 2012

Finding Our Way Home

When principal ballerina Sasha Davis suffers a career-ending injury at age thirty-eight, she leaves her Boston-based dance company and retreats to the home of her youth in Minnesota. But Sasha’s injuries limit her as much as her mother’s recent death haunts her. Concluding she can’t recover alone, Sasha reluctantly hires a temporary live-in aide.
Enter the ubercapable Evelyn Burt. As large-boned as Sasha is delicate, Evelyn is her employer’s opposite in every way. Small town to Sasha’s urban chic, outgoing to Sasha’s iciness, and undaunted where Sasha is hopeless, nineteen-year-old Evelyn is newly engaged and sees the world as one big, shiny opportunity.
Evelyn soon discovers Sasha needs to heal more than bones. Slowly, as the wounds begin to mend and the tables tilt, the two women form an unlikely alliance and discover the astounding power of even the smallest act done in the name of love. Finding Our Way Home is a story of second chances and lavish grace.

My Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship that developed between Sasha and Evelyn. These two women are so very different but life's circumstances brought them together and slowly a strong friendship developed.
Sasha, a very independent woman, learns to rely on Evelyn for many of her basic needs due to her injuries. At first she's bossy but as time goes by her heart softens. Evelyn has just moved out of her parents' home and is testing the waters of independence. She is impulsive at times but has a heart of gold. The friendship that develops is one that will last a lifetime.
In addition to the relationship between Sasha and Evelyn, we also see how each deals with a love relationship. Sasha deals with the husband she has pushed out of her life and Evelyn tries to figure out love after a hasty engagement to someone whom her parents disapprove. I loved the resolutions to both relationships and thought them realistic.
The author has a thing for snow globes as there is one that plays a role in not only this story but also in two of her others works. It was a bit odd and probably could have been left out without impacting on the story. 
You can read chapter one here and learn more about the author here.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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