Tuesday, June 26, 2012

University of Memphis

University of Memphis was our fourth college campus visit. The drive there was 4 hours mostly on 72. Seeing as we went in the summer it was a different campus visit although I must say I was quite surprised by how much activity there was on campus. Despite being in a large city, the campus feels quite suburban with all its green space and trees.

We stopped by the Nursing dept but the person we needed to speak to was not available but we did get her card so that Abigail can email her with questions. We ate lunch in the food court (they also have a traditional cafeteria) and then went to our tour.

First we had an overview of the university and then a personal tour with two students (about 8 folks registered never bothered to show up nor cancel their reservation). Neither tour guide has lived on campus but they were able to show us a dorm room and answer questions. The Honors dorm was pointed out to us (front of campus very close to the Catholic student center where Mass is on Sundays at 5pm) but we were unable to view one of those rooms. The dorms (like we had in the 80s in CT) have a staffed desk at which guests must sign in and are locked after visiting hours.

University of Memphis is the only non-professional theater to be given the rights to perform Phantom of the Opera; tickets sold out in 53 minutes. Non-theater majors are eligible to audition for shows and take classes.

Nursing has a program whereby qualified high school seniors admitted as freshmen to The University of Memphis may at the time of admission to the University be directly admitted to the nursing major.This is what we are hoping for Abigail as the criteria is based on GPA and ACT scores. Nursing courses begin second semester of sophomore year and they have an elective course in Oncology.

I am fairly certain Univ of Memphis has moved above UNA and Auburn. It has what Abigail wants: big city, access to big hospitals with pediatric oncology, early entry Nursing program, theater program and not too far from home (well maybe that last one is what Mom wants)


Kimberly said...

Sounds like a perfect fit!

Janette said...

This one sounds good! They all have- but I get a warm and fuzzy feeling about this one!

Renee said...

And she will get a scholarship that covers out-of-state fees and most of tuition (much like James). If she pulls off National Merit, then she'll also get a laptop, all of tuition covered and a stipend