Monday, July 23, 2012

Musical of Musicals; the Musical

Abigail spent the past two weekends performing in this wonderfully funny musical. This picture is part of the dream ballet  in Corn (in the style of Rogers and Hammerstein) where she plays the role of Dream June. Unfortunately the photographer (not our usual) didn't get any shots of the actual dance :(

Second segment was A Little Complex (in the style of Sondheim). Abigail did a lot of eerie singing but most of those pics only have slices of Abigail - I think the photographer stayed on one side during those scenes :(

Last before intermission was Dear Abby  (in the style of Jerry Herman). Abigail played the role of Junie Faye - the ingenue who can't pay her rent. Abigail's costume is the only one that is not black with accessories - the dress really made her stand out in this segment. Please pay special attention to how sweet and wholesome both Phil and Abigail appear.

Then it was onto Aspects of Junita (in the style of Andrew Lloyd Webber). Th e non-principals in this were called Jellicle Argentine Roller Cats.

Then it was onto the last segment -- Speakeasy (in the style of Kander & Ebb). Abigail blew me away with her dancing. These photos were taken during dress rehearsal - she finally stopped smiling during most of the actual performances since she doesn't have a happy life as a Slutty Dancing Girl (there were two - I just posted the pics of Abigail alone since the other girl is 16yo and I haven't asked her mom's permission to post her pic)

And every show needs a finale ----- Done.

And now the show is done :(   Abigail continues in her theater ventures but in a few new 'roles' in the upcoming months. First she is doing Props for Annie in August and she is Student Costumer for The Somewhat True Tales of Robin Hood that will be performed in October.

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Mary Green said...

WOW - that was a great run-down of the performance, and an amazing list of accomplishments for Abigail. She's just knocked my socks off (which is a good thing since it's summer in Texas!).
Thanks for sharing.