Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Son of a Soldier

My Thoughts: I am a military spouse of twenty years so the title of the book is what caught my attention.  I was a bit concerned about a 600 page work of fiction; honestly it was a bit slow at times and I think somehow the story could have been told in fewer pages but overall it worked.
 Grant is the troublemaker that most of our moms would not want us to date (if she knew about his past) and Hailey is the sweet country gal that every mom would want her son to date but through a series of events (through which only God could bring good) their lives become entwined and love ensues. Each learns from the other as their relationship grows and obstacles are tossed in their path. To tell you about those obstacles would spoil the story so you'll have to read Son of a Soldier for yourself to learn of their challenges.
 There are elements of Christianity in the book including quoting Scripture but it's not in your face pushiness but rather just a part of the characters' lives and so it feels natural. This is a book that can be enjoyed not only by adult women but also teen girls; I think they can learn from Grant and Hailey.

Son of a Soldier is the powerful story of how God used one unlikely, country girl to change the course of history. It seemed impossible to believe that an eighteen-year-old girl from the middle-of-nowhere, Tennessee would have any real significance in the history of our nation…that is until God chose her to make a Godly man out of a flawed, military hero’s stubborn son.
Hailey was a small town, farm girl who had never left her home state of Tennessee. She was a naïve tomboy who possessed an unassuming charm, the power of which she could not comprehend.
Grant was a rebellious Army brat who had seen the world. Glib, sarcastic and self-destructive, he was a loner lost in a world he had never felt he fit into.
They seemingly had little in common, but when two hearts collided, two worlds became one; while Hailey embarks on a beautiful journey of self-discovery in this unique coming-of-age story, Grant travels a winding, dirt road that helps him rediscover a lost innocence and discover a renewed purpose.

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Aiken Brown graduated summa cum laude from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. She is the author of In a Brother’s Eyes: the Brant McLachlan Story (2005), For Such a Time as This (2007) and Son of a Soldier (2012). Aiken’s book are available at all major booksellers and in Kindle, Nook and other ebook formats! Learn more about Aiken Brown’s books at

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