Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours (Sept has not been a good month)

2 Sept - Theresa complains of bug bites on her back. Marks are red but not raised.

3 Sept - She says the bug bites are worse. I look again and instantly know what I am seeing. It is of course a holiday so our doctor is closed.

4 Sept - Confirmation from doc that she has shingles. She gets anti-viral med horse pills.

8 Sept - Shingles looked all dried up so I send Theresa out to play with friends. She flies off her scooter. Her arm hurts but not much.

9 Sept - Arm still hurts a bit but not much. Friend checks it out (she's a PT) and thinks it's broken.

10 Sept - After much ado with insurance, get into the walk-in clinic for x-ray. Her arm is broken. Now to get to the orthopedist but insurance moves slowly so by the time that is straightened out, we can't get a same day appt

11 Sept - Orthopedist says it's a simple buckle of the bone so no need to set the bone; it's nicely lined up.Given choice of splint or cast;choose splint and off we go.

17 Sept - Pouring rain so Theresa decides to run into Fantasy to not get so wet but in the process slips in entry way and falls - we're guessing she landed on her elbow. I thought pain was like a funny bone pain so not overly concerned.

18 Sept - Wake up to find she's taken Tylenol at 2am because her arm hurt so much. Elbow is swollen and she is experiencing sharp shooting pain. Thankfully I can bypass clinic since we still have a few visits left in our orthopedist referral. They x-ray and confirm her elbow is broken. She gets a temporary cast and an appointment for surgery tomorrow.
I decide to be a good citizen and stop to vote on our way home (after lunch and picking up Rx) - her arm hurts so she stays in car with windows down. I am in the church for less than 5 minutes and it goes from overcast to a deluge with wind - poor kid is getting rained on but can't do a thing about it.

How do moms with really sick children survive this roller coaster?


DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...

So sorry to hear about Teresa's problems. Praying for quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

Good grief - what a roller coaster ride you and Theresa have been having. Hope and pray she mends quickly and completely. God bless...

Conny said...

you'd like to think it can't get any worse, can it!!?? Hope Theresa is feeling so much better soon!!!