Saturday, October 6, 2012

Make 'N' Break

     Make 'N' Break contains 10 multicolored wooden blocks, a timer, a die, game cards, and score 'coins'. This is a great game for the entire family - while recommended for ages 8 and above there are definitely ways to adapt to include younger children. The wooden blocks are of a high quality, the timer is a bit tricky to use and the score coins are unnecessary (it would be just as easy to use paper and pencil for score keeping).
     My nearly 13 yr old son and I had fun with this game; a few days later my 14 yr old daughter (with a broken arm) decided to join us in another round. She did amazingly well building the patterns despite having very limited use of one arm. I wish the timer was easier to set; there were times we would wind it past the 1 or 2 setting and then have to wait for it to countdown and reset it. We played this game on the floor where no one could 'bump' and knock over our creations; I think this could be a problem if played on a table.
     I will be keeping this game in mind if I need to purchase a birthday or Christmas gift as it is fun for all ages.

This game was provided to me by the Vine program in exchange for my review. I was not required to write a positive review.

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