Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nursing Jambalaya with Gumbo on the Side


Meet the Real 'Nurse Jackie'. RNs Jacqueline Spencer, Lynell Whittington-Brignac and Beverly S. Ward dish on what really goes on behind the scenes of a nurse's life in Nursing Jambalaya with Gumbo on the Side.

Houston, TX – Move over, Edie Falco: The real Nurse Jackie (and Nurse Beverly and Nurse Lynell) has her own story to tell, and it has little to do with popping pills and battling personal demons.

Authors Jacqueline Spencer, RN, BSN, Lynell Whittington-Brignac (RN) and Beverly S. Ward, RN, MSN announce the release of Nursing Jambalaya with Gumbo on the Side: Nurses Speak Out, a non-fiction book that sheds light on the nursing profession with insight – and a healthy dose of humor – from three insiders with nearly a century combined nursing experience.

The authors leaned on more than 30 years' nursing experience each in their collaboration. With Nursing Jambalaya with Gumbo on the Side, the three debunk many of the misconceptions about the profession and reveal truths about nursing that even many practicing professionals don't know.

The book offers entertaining revelations to those considering a nursing career, or active nurses who want to explore other facets of the profession, such as research, education or public health outreach. Both types of readers will come away with a greater appreciation and understanding of the calling, and perhaps a few laughs along the way.

 My Thoughts:
Nursing Jambalaya with Gumbo on the Side is written by three nurses with decades of experience in a variety of nursing fields. The authors (Spencer, Whittington-Brignac, and Ward) came into nursing in an era when it was one of a few fields wide open to women. These three women have much to share about their chosen career path.

The book is broken into 10 parts; each with a different topic. Then one author or more writes about the topic from her point of view. I think these women have great knowledge and experience to share but a good editor is needed to help research in order to expand some topics, to make their writing more professional (these are women used to writing succinctly in patient charts - sometimes details and description are necessary) and to pull it together into a more cohesive book.

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