Monday, November 19, 2012

Your Guide to the Word of God

The title of this book - The Bible Compass: A Catholic's Guide to Navigating the Scripture - pretty much sums it up. The Bible Compass will help one to not wander aimlessly through the Bible; it will point them in the direction in which they need to go in order to learn from God's word and hold it in their heart.
The Bible Compass is divided into four sections each giving readers an approach or tool to reading Scripture. The first talks about how the Bible is inspired by God as well as how Scripture along with Tradition and the Magisterium are a part of God's revelation of Himself. The second section is the meat of the book; it talks about five keys that are necessary for interpreting Scripture. Next is information about from where the Bible came and why is the Catholic Bible 'different' than that of Protestants. And the final section gives the reader insight into Biblical archaeology, history, geography, information about translations and even a chapter on Lectio Divina (a way to pray the Scriptures).
The Bible Compass is a good book for the student wanting to read Scripture but not sure how to best accomplish that goal. It would be useful for not only adults but also high school and college students. I think this book would make a nice gift for an RCIA student.

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