Friday, December 28, 2012

Surviving Seventh Grade


 Concord, NH --More than 12 million students are either in the seventh grade, or will be entering it in the next two years. And, a new book published this week says that it’s the boys who are at a disadvantage. Surviving Seventh Grade, by Glenn K. Currie provides a humorous and informative look at this environment from the viewpoint of a thirteen-year-old boy, just in time for the holidays.
Whether it is called junior high or middle school, the world changes as they move fromthe cloistered classrooms of grade school, to a larger, more complex society, and deal with the hormonal earthquakes of puberty. Surviving Seventh Grade follows Snobby Donna, Billy and Glenn from their adventures in A Boy’s First Diary to a whole set of new issues: A trip that takes them from “rulers” of grade school, to a status just below the bottom of a meadow muffin. Because of the broad nature of the book’s appeal, it makes an ideal gift for children of all ages.
Currie is a prize-winning poet and humorist who works closely with the Children’s Literacy Foundation in a variety of school programs in New Hampshire. He has also been a featured speaker at many events where he mixes humor with an emphasis on the critical importance of ensuring that our children develop good reading and writing skills at an early age.

The book is once again set in the 1950’s, which allows readers to focus on life without the complications of smart phones, video games and even computers. As ABFD proved, the kids today are still facing many of the same emotional issues, and relate closely to the humor and struggles of the characters.

About the book:
Surviving Seventh Grade by Glenn Currie
ISBN: 978-0-9779675-7-5
Publisher: Snap Screen Press
Date of publish: December 2012

 My Thoughts: I was expecting (and hoping) that Glenn Currie would be the Shel Silverstein for middle school but I was disappointed. Only a few of the poems were funny and there were inappropriate topics. I'm glad I previewed this book before handing it to my 7th grade son - he has no reason to read about how to unhook bras.

This book was provided to me through Bostick Communications; I received no monetary compensation for my review.

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Conny said...

eek!!! doesn't sound like a book I'm too interested in :( thanks for an honest review.