Sunday, March 3, 2013

Theresa's Confirmation

I finally have pics from Theresa's Confirmation on February 10th. I am grateful to the chapel volunteer Nancy who took the pics. I loved how the Bishop had each student kneel before him for the Sacrament. Thank you to Diane for being Theresa's sponsor.


DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...

Precious photos of a momentous day.

Carol@simple_catholic said...

Lovely pictures. I love how they knelt before the bishop, too. I wish they would do that in the parishes near me.

When my nephew was confirmed in November his parish didn't have the bishop but one of his delegates instead. Not only that, they didn't even have a mass. I thought it odd that the bishop's delegate spent his whole "homily" on the importance of receiving the Eucharist, when there was no mass and no reception of the Eucharist.

Renee said...

This wasn't 'our' bishop as the military diocese was short a bishop. I can't remember this bishop's name but he was up from Louisiana