Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Long Blue Line

On Saturday May 11, 2013 Madeleine joined the Long Blue Line of W alum.

The day started with Mag Chain which has taken place in some form since 1890. During this event, the magnolia chain is carried by seniors singing the “Magnolia Chain Song” from the front of Columbus Hall to Callaway Lawn where the ceremony is held.
The procession is led by the senior class president who carries a bouquet of daisies in honor of the graduates who began the ceremony years ago. Daisies are carried because the magnolia chain was originally made of daisies and other flowers.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, the seniors form a circle around the magnolia chain, lock arms and sing the “Friendship Circle” song. After the song is completed, the seniors make a mad dash for a magnolia blossom.
Tradition holds that graduates who are able to walk away with a magnolia blossom will find good fortune and romance.
During the ceremony senior presidents of student organizations were recognized - Madeleine Gardiner: Honor Student Advisory Council and Up 'Til Dawn Co-Executive Director. Six students (including Madeleine Gardiner) were recognized as new members of the W Hall of Fame.

Then it was graduation time. Dr Borsig, president of the W, was the one to hand out diplomas. The wonderful thing is he actually knows Madeleine by name - actually he knows her full name. It's a definite advantage of attending and being very involved at a small university.

Here is Madeleine Jean Gardiner with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education Magna Cum Laude with Honors (which means she completed all requirements of the Ina E Gordy Honor's program)

Madeleine with her best friend Katherine.


Sue a Skirted Lady said...

Wow Renee! What a proud day for your family!

Penny said...

congratulations!! what a great accomplishment! :)


Penny said...

congratulations!! that is a wonderful accomplishment!


Janette said...

Seems like yesterday when she was accepted. Congratulations on her accomplishments.
Life is good.
On to the next goal!