Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Road Trip to Redemption

Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs that anyone will ever encounter in a lifetime. Brad Mathias knows first hand how difficult it can be to father but by the grace of God he found a way to reconnect with his kids when things were not going well for his family.
Being a military family and having lived overseas for six years, we have taken many vacations with our five children but never one like that taken by the Mathias family. Our excursions have always been about fun, sightseeing, history and our Catholic faith but never with a purpose of reconnecting with one another.
I wish I had taken notes while reading, as I finished this book the night before I left for a two week second honeymoon, so my review would have had more meat.
This book will be enjoyed by both parents and teens alike.

About the Book:
Brad Mathias thought everything in his family was fine. A busy, contented dad, he had vaguely noticed that Bethany, his middle child, had become withdrawn and moody, but he assumed it was part of being a “teen” and didn’t look any deeper. Until the night God spoke clearly to Brad and his wife: Ask her to reveal what she has hidden. They did—and learned the secret Bethany had been carrying, one that rocked their family to the core. In a desperate attempt to reach their daughter and to reconnect as a family, Brad and his wife piled everyone into the car and embarked on a wild, crazy, seven-thousand-mile, what-are-we-thinking trip across the country. As they drove, they realized how far apart they’d drifted, found unexpected blessings along the way—and journeyed together from pain and loss to recovery and redemption. In this book, Brad shares stories from the road about God’s grace, gives practical tips on what he learned about reconnecting as a family, invites you to consider your own epic journey as a mother or father, and calls you to trust wholeheartedly in the amazing love God has for your kids.

A thank you to Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with a complimentary copy of Road Trip to Redemption for my reading and review.

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