Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Are We There Yet?

“Are we there yet, Nanna?” a sleepy grandchild asks. “Not quite yet, just a few more miles to go,” Poppa replies. Moments later, our GPS confirms his prediction as it announces, “You have arrived!” “Are we there yet?” How many times have we heard these words while raising 22 children? And now grandchildren are chiming in! How many times did we ask our own parents while growing up in Vermont? “Are we there yet?” How many times have we asked God this very question, hoping for that answer “You have arrived!”? Have we completed our family? Have we arrived in our careers? Are we there yet spiritually? God’s answer is always “Not quite yet – you have a few more miles to go . . . . “ Come along with Hector and Sue Badeau on their ultimate road trip – adopting and raising 22 children, from diverse backgrounds with many special needs. Like any road trip, their story has twists and turns, detours and surprises. You’ll be inspired, laugh out loud and shed tears as you share their experiences in foster care and adoption, coping with teenage pregnancies, addictions, unimaginable accomplishments and raw moments of grief after the untimely death of a beloved child. “Are We There Yet” is an entertaining story which also imparts nuggets of parenting wisdom for any parent or grandparent. It is packed with spiritual truths and life lessons for teachers, social workers, pastors and others who care about vulnerable children and families in our world today.

My Thoughts:
So many times one reads a book about adoption or large families and it's all sunshine and roses. The parents say and do all the right things and the children all grow up to be model members of society. The Badeau story is real - the parents make mistakes, the children make mistakes and others in their lives make mistakes. One thing that is never a mistake is their love for their children and their Faith. The Badeaus are a real family with real life problems who continue along the path that God has set before them, stumbling along the way but never losing sight of Him on the journey.

I'd like to thank the publisher for making a review copy of Are We There Yet available via NetGalley

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Sue Badeau said...

Renee - I am so delighted that you enjoyed the book - REAL is what we were striving for, and what we believe is needed to further inspire, encourage and strengthen other parents out there whether they care for children via birth, adoption, foster care, kinship care or by being caring adults in the church or community. I am humbled by your review - and using the links here on your blog, I am sharing it on my social networks too! Thank you! Sue Badeau