Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Getting to Alaska May 19th/20th

On Sunday, after Baccalaureate Mass and Senior breakfast Scott and I headed for the airport. We were scheduled to fly from Huntsville to Denver to Fairbanks. It didn't turn out so well. Our flight to Denver was delayed by hours because a plane had mechanical issues and they had to find another to replace it and eventually get to AL. The second desk clerk to help us searched and searched for alternate routes but none had two seats available. It was suggested we spend the night in Huntsville but we decided to get as far as Denver even though we knew we'd miss our connecting flight (waiting in Hsv was going to mean just that - doing nothing and waiting for 24 hrs). We were given food vouchers both in AL and in CO and a hotel room. 
On Monday, we got up and decided to explore a bit of Denver prior to our flight to Fairbanks. Here is some of the wildlife we saw at the zoo.

Unfortunately we missed our entire day in Fairbanks which included a riverboat cruise and gold dredging. Scott is still dealing with the travel insurance to get reimbursed for that lost excursion.
We arrived in Fairbanks late at night and the cruise check-in desk at the airport didn't have our welcome packet (despite us having contacted them to let them know we were delayed 24 hrs). Upon our arrival at the hotel, we had to wait until 2am for our luggage and then had to be up early the next day for transport to the next city.

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