Sunday, August 4, 2013

Alaska May 24th

This was going to be the scariest thing we did in Alaska (or so I thought) - flying in and among the mountains including Mt McKinley in a 10 passenger plane. It was WOW!!!!  It is well worth the money especially since we had clear skies.

Yes, this is a picture of our very own plane's shadow.

Not only does one get to fly around but also land on a glacier. The hardest part of the entire trip - knowing that for 3 hrs there was no potty available. I took LOTS more photos but don't want to bore folks with too many.

That afternoon we had a second adventure - a trail ride. I thought this would be easy. Get on a well trained horse that knows to follow the other horses and enjoy the scenery. Ha - my saddle kept sliding an inch or so to one side so I had to keep trying to straighten it. My horse (Ginger) wasn't always cooperative; neither was Denali (Scott's horse). I never had a free hand to take pics; this is not something I would do again nor recommend to non-horseback riding folks. This turned out to be far more nerve wracking than the small plane flight.

Here is the pic the guides took - probably the one and only time we've paid for a souvenir photo.

That evening we relaxed on the lodge patio and enjoyed the sunshine of the gorgeous day.

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