Friday, August 23, 2013

Yesterday was Move-in Day

Yesterday we took Abigail to move into her dorm at the University of Memphis. It took us about four hours to get there despite some annoying light rain in AL. We stopped at Perkins for lunch when we got to town since we were early; thankfully they let her sign in early and give her the room key (which oddly is not the same as her student ID). Maybe it's because we were early but even come 1pm there didn't seem to be the plethora of help we had at Madeleine and James' colleges for freshman move-in day. I think overall it took us 5 trips from the car to unload everything. After two trips, I stayed in the room unpacking while Scott and Abigail continued unloading. We met her roommate Alex and her dad who was helping her move in. After Abigail said goodbye to us at the car she was already off and running to meet a friend from Frosh Camp.

Here is Abigail last summer during our college visit:

And here she is ready to start her freshman year as a true blue Tiger


DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...

College move in days - or move out days from home...always a mixed bag of emotions. Praying for your family and for Abigail as she transitions to college life. Wow...doesn't seem possible it's that time already. LOL

Renee said...

Oh yes - the mixed emotions. I managed to hold it together until we were at the car saying goodbye.

Conny said...

hope she has a great freshmen year!! :)