Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm gonna pop some tags.......

I've gathered all my thrift shop info here for myself and anyone else local that is willing to hunt to save some money. Normally I don't like thrift shops but with losing weight I didn't want to invest a lot of money but my jeans were saggy and baggy so I had to do something.

I started on Saturday by going to:
Downtown Rescue Mission in Madison (the old Asbury Thrift Shop location):
     Well organized by type and size of clothing; had a dressing room. I happened to be there on 50% day. Got a pair of jeans and a pair of Ann Taylor slacks for a total of $7.
Salvation Army (Hughes Rd in Madison)
     Small selection, not organized by size, no dressing room but you can use the large restroom. Not worth a special trip but since it's 'near' the above shop as well as Asubry, worth stopping. Got a pair of jeans for $4
Thrift Mart
      NO Dressing Room and it's a For Profit store so I didn't buy a thing and likely won't return there.

On Sunday, I went to:
 Value Village (N Pkway in Hsv) - can't remember now if they were organized by size or not but they did have a dressing room. I got a pair of jeans for $5.

On Monday, I had one more shopping excursion:
Asbury  (in Madison)
     Organized by type and size of clothing. I got a pair of jeans and a blouse for $6 total
Downtown Rescue Mission in HSV (on the Parkway at corner of Oakwod)
    Larger than the Hsv store, well organized by type and size of clothing, had a dressing room. The items I bought were discounted 25%. I got 2 pairs of casual black pants for $9 total
Salvation Army (on Oakwood near the Parkway)
  Much larger than the one in Madison. Not organized by size. Had a dressing room. $4 for a pair of jeans. It was 50% day for Seniors.
Sacks on 72   No organization by type of clothing nor size. Didn't look for a dressing room but doubt I'll go back as I prefer some sense of order.

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