Wednesday, February 10, 2016

College Visit #1 with Theresa

This was my third visit to UNA as both Madeleine and Abigail also visited the campus. There has been a great deal of growth on campus since Abigail and I visited almost four years ago. There is a new Science building, a new Student Center building but most imporantly - new freshman dorms. The rooms are carpeted and have their own private bathroom; defintely a plus not to have to shuffle down the hall in middle of the night.

I love that the campus is less than a 90 minute easy drive from home. Maurice did a great job taking Theresa and I to see so many parts of campus and telling us about activities outside of academics. I think having a laboratory school on campus is a huge plus for their Education department. While tigers are my favorite animal; I LOVE that they have their mascots living right on campus - yes two lions live on campus - Leo and Una.

We have two more visits next month so we'll see how schools compare in Theresa's mind.

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Conny said...

We are busy visiting colleges too!! #1 on the list is the U of Arkansas, 8 miles from our house. #2 is College of the Ozarks in Hollister MO (every student leaves there DEBT FREE!?!!) and #3 John Brown U in Siloam Springs. Best wishes to you all in your quest.