Sunday, February 17, 2008

Recent Blessings

James' Confirmation sponsor's parents live in Huntsville. Eric was kind enough to ask his folks if I could borrow a car while I'm in AL househunting. They graciously agreed to lend their car to a total stranger. I am so thankful.
Then this week while we've been hard hit with the flu, a knock on the door brought a tureen of Chicken Rice soup from our neighbor Emineh. She saved the day because I was too sick to cook anything and soup was exactly what we needed.
Thank you Lord for kind people.


Michelle said...

Renee, I'm so sorry to hear you've all been sick. I'm praying for everyone's speedy recovery.

In the midst of all the illness, it must be even better to know God is taking care of your family. :)

Romany said...


I hope you all will feel better soon!

Roz said...

Thank you Lord for kind people

You are one of those people, Renée!
I hope everyone is over the flu. It has really dragged on here. April in Alabama should be delightful!