Monday, April 28, 2008

Day one of packing.....

We were told to be ready early - 7:30am; so we were. Did the last minute morning shuffle of pillows, pjs, etc. Had breakfast (Scott got bretzel from the backerei) and then waited....Kids left to spend the day at Nikki's at 8:30am armed with schoolbooks.... and we waited.... 9am arrives, I'm tired of waiting so I called the transportation office. They called the movers and got the answer of "We're doing a small delivery in Oberamergau and we'll be there in about 60-90 minutes". So we waited (not very happily)..... thankfully they arrived at 9:40am and got RIGHT to work. As I type I am being serenaded with the ripping of tape as the top of our computer armoire is wrapped.

*****90 MINUTE UPDATE*****
here is what the living room looks like at this point. The upstairs bedrooms are looking similar:

And this is what it looked like at the end of the day:

It took three guys about 6 hours to pack/wrap our entire house.


Valerie said...

That is one thing I do not miss from our former life -- the movers.

I'm sure many of them are nice people who like children and dogs, but I. Do. Not. Miss. Them.

Kristine said...

Ah, Rene, I wasn't aware that you were at this point in your move. How exciting!!!! And what a wait, as you live without your stuff for awhile, ugh!

(I've not been reading all SHS mail.)