Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 6 - another adventure

Here we are waiting for our ponies to be assigned. Each child is given a pony to be lead by their parent on a path through the resort. We figured "no problem, these ponies know what they're doing even if we don't".

Now tell me - do you call these ponies? I call them HORSES. Well maybe not HORSES, but definitely horses. Our two children were the only ones that didn't get ponies. They said it was because of their age - despite there being a girl bigger in size than John (guess she must have been younger)

At first we were doing fine although Scott got quite a head start on us since they had to saddle John's horse. Thank heavens for big kid photographers.

and THEN the fun began. John's horse, Biance, decided to go up a slight incline on the side of the path for a snack. I pulled her back from there. Continue a little more and she veers towards some bushes for more food. As I'm trying to pull her back to to the path, the lead comes OFF in my hand!! I have no equestrian experience and it's not a simple clasp that I know how to use. I grab the bridle (I think that's what it's called) and manage to keep the horse in one place. Madeleine came over and got John off the horse since I was very concerned about controlling this creature. We needed HELP and we were too far for the stable hands to see us. I sent Abigail back to get help but she speaks no French and the stable girl spoke almost no English. Thankfully the landscaping guys were coming by in their golfcart and saved the day. John decided that was enough excitement for him - Bianca was returned to the stable and we went and got a refund

Not sure what else we did that day but there are no other pics - guess we were traumatized.


Ginger said...

Look like ponies to me. :^) Ponies are under 14.2 hands (or 58 inches) at the shoulder. They are also stockier and heavier boned than horses.

What a beautiful area for a ride! Looks like great fun. Sorry your pony was uncooperative.

Renee - goin' to Alabama said...

Tee hee... I knew one of you "horse" people would set me straight. Well then it may have been a pony but it was not a size pony that a totally know nothing horsemen should have been given to handle all alone with no instruction and no supervision. At least my kids will never ask for a horse in the future

Valerie said...

The trick with ponies and horses (and those look like ponies to me), is not to let them know they're larger than you are. ;> I got that advice when I was 13 or so, and walking ponies at a 4th of July base fair (the pony-owner 'saw us coming,' 'us' being horse-crazy kids who'd walk ponies in circles for free).

The ones you're walking look rather like Dartmoors, although a bit larger than the ones at the Ponyfarm where my daughters were grooms for one summer.

Halflingers are 'large ponies' but they're tawny.

The ponies may be more stubborn than horses (yours wandering off to look for snacks), but at least they aren't as high strung and hysterical.

Renee - goin' to Alabama said...

Well that's two votes for ponies against my one for horses.... :)