Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We've arrived!

Thankfully Abigail's ankle was okay on Friday morning (despite it being swollen and purple after twisting it late Thursday afternoon), clearing housing went smoothly, we had a lunch time Army bday bbq and then went out for Italian with friends for dinner.
Eric was able to get permission to drive a MC vehicle and all our luggage fit so we got to Munich easily on Saturday.
Sunday the weather threatened but held off for us to go to Mass, the zoo and even dinner.
Monday started out well - got a BIG taxi van that fit all of us and all of our luggage. We ran into a young soldier at the airport and took him under our wing since he wasn't sure where he needed to go, our flight left ontime and even arrived a little early. Then things went rapidly downhill - we had to sit in the DC airport for FIVE hours for our flight wondering if at any minute it would be cancelled (many flights were after multiple delays). So it was VERY VERY late by the time we got to the hotel (after 11pm even by AL time - never mind it was 6amto our bodies).
Now Scott is in Atlanta picking up our van and I'm trying to get other things done. I've been to the post office, called the realtor to arrange getting the house keys, etc etc..... okay gotta go buy a celphone and dryer accessories.


Valerie said...

Glad to see you've landed, Renee.

Sympathy on the late, late flight. Been there, done that. Years and years later, the kids still remember it.

RAnn said...

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

I echo Ruth. Welcome home Renee. I hope you love living there.

Dorothy said...


Hopefully, you are in your house now and things are starting to come together. So glad that you were able to help out that young soldier and that you had a nice Sunday!

Janette said...

Welcome back to the USA!